Operating Policies

  1. Handlers must clean up after their dogs and dispose of the waste properly.
  2. Dogs not currently completing a sequence or a course in class must be on lead. Any exercising/play that interferes with the on-going class will cease immediately.
  3. Dogs must be supervised by an owner/handler at all times.
  4. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children under the age of 15 must be directly supervised by an adult at all times. Children may not "entertain" themselves while class is in session or at any time on ACA grounds.
  5. Equipment may not be used unless an instructor from A Click Above is present and/or teaching a class. Violation of this rule can/will result in dismissal from class.
  6. Refunds will NOT be given following the close of registration for classes or seminars.
  7. Students may not switch or trade a working spot in a class or seminar with another student.
  8. Bitches in season will NOT be allowed to participate in class; they will not be allowed on the premises at any time. Make-up classes for dogs missing classes due to being in season will be at the discretion of the registrar and must be taken within 6 months of the original class session.
  9. Students may park in designated areas only.
  10. Dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior, as determined by the instructors of A Click Above, LLC may be excused from classes, without refund. It is the discretion of the instructor and partners in A Click Above, LLC to make this determination.
  11. Unsafe handling of dogs and equipment, unsafe conduct, or damage to equipment and/or property, as determined by the partners of A Click Above, LLC will result in dismissal from classes without refund.
  12. Solicitation of other dog-training classes is prohibited at the A Click Above site.
  13. Instructor’s crates may NOT be used without the written permission of the crate owner.
  14. Make up classes may only be taken with the written permission of the instructor of the class (e-mail is acceptable).
  15. All returned checks will incur a $25 returned check fee.
  16. All dogs (except puppies too young to receive the vaccine) must be up to date on rabies vaccination and/or adequate titre. Owners must be able to show proof of rabies certificate or state letter of titre sufficiency.

Class Release Form

In consideration that I will be a participant in ANY class/workshop/event within the calendar year 2018, to be held at A Click Above’s Training Center (located at 19277 Evergreen Mill Road, Leesburg, VA, 20175, property owned by Elsie and Richard Maylott) and taught by a partner/instructor from A Click Above, LLC, I hereby release the partners in A Click Above, LLC (Claudia Bates, Nancy Hudson Walkins, Elsie Maylott, and any instructors or assistants employed by A Click Above, LLC) from all liability in the event of injury to myself, my family members, spectators with me, other dogs as a result of my dog’s actions, or to my dog at any time on said property. In addition, I will agree to pay for any and all damages to the property of the A Click Above Training Center that is caused by me due to violation of A Click Above’s Operating Procedures. I have read and understand A Click Above’s Operating Policies as stated above and understand that violation of any or all policies can result in my dismissal (without refund) from class (at the discretion of class instructor).