Seminar Details

  • Registration Opens for Current Students

    August 13th at 07:00PM

  • Registration Opens for Public

    August 20th at 07:00PM

  • Registration Deadline

    September 10th

Jen Pinder Seminars

Seminar Dates and Details

  1. Friday, September 15

    Foundation Seminar

    This seminar will focus on One Mind Dog Foundation exercises and Jen's own Foundation skills for building teamwork in young or novice dogs. This seminar can be taken by anyone wanting to develop teamwork and better foundation skills with their dog.

    Prerequisites: Any dog 5 months of age or older may attend.

  2. Saturday, September 16

    Sequencing with Jumps and Tunnels

    This seminar will help the handler to identify the best handling technique and efficient path for each sequence. The sequences may progress on to challenging, building in intensity.

    Prerequisites: Dogs attending this seminar should be competing at the Novice/Open (AKC) or Starters (USDAA) and should be able to sequence up to 10 obstacles, including jumps, tire, and tunnels.

  3. Sunday, September 17


    This seminar will help to "put it all together" in challenging courses. Jen will help handlers to identify the best way to analyze and handle each course. Lace up your running shoes!!!

    Prerequisites: This seminar is suitable for dogs competing at the Masters level in AKC and USDAA agility. The courses will be similar to Master?s Challenge and Premiere courses.

About Jen Pinder

Jen has been competitive in agility for over 18 years. Running large and small dogs, Jen has a unique perspective as to how to get the best out of any dog she runs. Over the years, Jen has had many accomplishments, including national titles, AKC, WAO, IFCS, and EO World team as a participant in International competition.

Jen has several Steeplechase Championships, Grand Prix Championships, and USDAA Team Championships. Over the years, Jen has put many upper level titles including ADCH and MACH on her Border Collies, Jack Russels, mix breed, and Shelties. Jen is currently competing with her Shelties Britain and Dayla and her Border Collie Bling.

In addition to her skills as a competitor, Jen's excellent teaching ability and ability to adapt to different styles of dogs is what makes Jen a highly sought after presenter/instructor across the country. We are so happy and lucky to have been able to work with Jen for over 14 years!

Seminar Details

All seminars and workshop will be held in our 100' x 125' climate controlled building. All seminars are 9-5 each day with a light breakfast served. There will be a one hour lunch break each day. Lunch will not be provided, but there are many fast food restaurants and delis in the area within close driving distance. Maps of Leesburg restaurants will be provided. We will have coffee, tea, water, and light snacks.

Registration Information

Each full day seminar (Friday and Saturday) will be limited to 10 working spots . The cost for a working spot (1 handler + 1 dog) is $190 for current ACA students* and $200 for general public, per day. Auditing spots (handler only) are available at $75/day (no non-participating dogs in the building).

- Registration opens Sunday, August 13 at 7:00pm for currently enrolled ACA students* and Sunday, August 20 for the general public.
- Registration is online ONLY.
- Please make sure you have an account on the ACA website and can login before registration opens to avoid delays in registering.
- Preference will be given to ACA students registering for working spots in the Jen Pinder seminar. Working spots will be offered to the general public beginning 8/20..
- A waitlist will be maintained once all working spots are filled.
- Confirmations will be sent within 48 hours.

* Current ACA students are defined as those that have taken four or more classes in the past year.